M RiccioB BattistonG PajardiM CorradiU PassarettiA AtzeiM AltissimiL VaientiF CatalanoM Del BeneP FasoloM CerusoR LuchettiA Landi, A BertaniA CampodonicoP P PangraziA MarchesiniA Leti AcciaroG C CastagnettiG KantunakisL CugolaG PivatoV De CristofaroB BredaL ConfortiM FuscoM NigiS PfannerA AzzaràM A VerdanoM FrattiniL Rocchi

J Hand Surg Eur Vol. 2010 Feb;35(2):130-8.


Hyaloglide is a hyaluronan-based gel based on a novel auto-crosslinked technology designed to reduce postsurgical adhesions. Its efficacy was assessed in a multicentred randomized controlled trial comparing the results of flexor tenolysis in zone 2 following failed flexor tendon repairs. In the control group a standard release was performed. In the treated group, Hyaloglide was applied into the flexor sheath and around the site of tenolysis. Forty-five patients, 19 controls and 26 treated with Hyaloglide, were enrolled in 13 centres. All the patients were evaluated at 30, 60, 90 and 180 days after surgery by testing Total Active Motion, Quick-DASH questionnaire and number of working days lost after surgery. Patients in the Hyaloglide group had a statistically better recovery of finger motion at all time intervals and returned earlier to work and daily activities. The use of Hyaloglide did not appear to increase the complication rate.

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